Avek was born in 2016 in one of the most multicultural places of Europe, Amsterdam, where three fashion minds gave outdoor apparel a new meaning by combining fashion trends and cultures. Inspired by this great world and the intrepid people with rich cultures. Our first product, the iconic Traditional Tee, encapsulated this in less than one-meter fabric, becoming an iconic hit.

We believe that every person has a mission statement, a one-line sentence where you can rely on which gives a sense of purpose in your life.

It all started on a day when we were sitting together, trying to think of something this world needs. Something that would add value to this world, or at least make an effort to do that. We had a bunch of idea's, but nothing really satisfied our mission statement: "We want the world to be a better place because we were here."

To give you context; we now live in a world where there is so much separation between people. Yes, people. The same beings of the same flesh and the same blood. Even in one single country, we are divided without any connection. It actually hurts to see that. Religion, race, skin color, ethnicity. Why would we use them to make a distinction instead of embracing it? Why not learn, see and appreciate what we as people and human beings have to offer each other? We should break down the walls, instead of building them.

What we have seen in our lives is that there are some rare things which make all that distinction fade away. A good example is sports; Have you ever had the World Cup feel when the whole nation is united? Side by side, shoulder to shoulder, different origins but the same goal. That is a moment when we forget everything and unite as a nation and as a world without any prejudices.

We found that spirit in fashion. Fashion is an entity which always continues, from person to person, culture to culture. No strings attached, just be who you are. It's an entity which connects people. Have you seen Kingsday in the Netherlands? The whole nation is dressed in orange, even tourists who come from Asia which have nothing in common with the Netherlands. Why? Exactly, because of fashion and culture. It unites, it creates bonding and the most important part is; besides the beauty, we also learn from each other's cultures and perspective.

Keeping our mission statement in mind, we started to design streetwear which combines different styles. Styles inspired by different countries, people, cultures and/or religion. Each garment communicates and expresses a certain history and culture. Our first such product, to put it simply: a shirt which is inspired by the Moroccan Djellaba but made with the fitting of the Western standard (slim fit, long fit). This shirt is a symbol for two different worlds that merged into one.

So, that brings you to our name Avek Amsterdam. Why Avek Amsterdam? Originally, the French word “Avec” means “with”, and that is what we do, we connect cultures and people "with" styles. We have replaced the C with the K because the K is more powerful and that makes the word ‘Avek’ itself unique. The choice for the word/city "Amsterdam" fell because we all grew up in Amsterdam and the fact that it's a very diverse place.

So, our mission statement could be on the path of realization by: Creating streetwear clothing where each garment communicates and expresses a certain history and culture. With this, we can connect people, remove barriers and learn from each other’s cultures and perspectives.



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